Sargam Gupta


I am a 22 year old visual communication designer, having graduated
in January 2011 from Srishti School of Design, Bengaluru, India.
Everything to do with communication excites me, be it visualisation,
the written word, or simply conversations.

Projects & Workshops:
// Rebranding of the Dev Kabir Malik design studio, New Delhi was
done in July-October 2010 as a final under-graduation diploma project.

// In March 2010, 15 selected posters from India on “Views of the West”
were exhibited by Zeebelt, The Netherlands, mine being amongst them.

// Calligraphy in Urdu and Hindi was published and used by Kena
Design, Bengaluru in a series of books on Saint Kabir.

// Branding was proposed for Tranquebar, a cultural tourist heritage
destination in Tamil Nadu, India. This was done in association with
Upasana Design Studio, Auroville, India.

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